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Economists' Statement on Carbon Dividends

Global climate change is a serious problem calling for immediate national action. Guided by sound economic principles, we are united in the following policy recommendations.

Carbon Tax Petition

Demand a price on CO2 emissions! Save the planet. Carbon price now.

The EU calls for the setting-up of a permanent multilateral investment court
In January 2019, EU member states submitted a paper to the UN Working Group on the Investor-State Dispute Settlement Reform, under the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), containing the EU’s proposal of establishing a permanent multilateral investment court with an appeal mechanism and full-time adjudicators.
Internationalisation of the renminbi

Albeit still in its infancy, there are clear signs of the internationalisation of the renminbi, confirmed by its inclusion in the SDR basket: the creation of institutions similar to the IMF and the WB, the network of agreements for mutual payments in national currencies and no longer in dollars among the BRICS countries, 

The Clean Energy Package - Updates
The “Clean Energy Package” is a set of laws and regulation in the field of environment and energy efficiency, which has been launched by the European Commission on 30 November 2016, encompassing several areas in which the European Union and its Member States shall reach an improvement within a 2018-2030 time frame, also considering the binding goals set forth in the Paris Agreement, in certain areas including energy performance in buildings and energy efficiency in general, further increase of the production of renewable energy, improvement of the internal market for electricity, both in terms of consumer protection and interconnection of the national power networks; further empowering of the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER).
Global Action Against Mass Atrocity Crimes: a democratic, inclusive approach to atrocity prevention
Global Action Against Mass Atrocity Crimes (GAAMAC) ( as a community of commitment composed of states, civil society and academic institutions pledging to prevent atrocities by establishing national prevention mechanisms and policies has set an exemplary precedent for democratic engagement between governments and civil society actors. Indeed, as a horizontal network, GAAMAC offers a trusted space for frank discussions on challenges and opportunities to prevent mass atrocities.
The creation of the Latin American Criminal Court receives broad regional support
The 1st November 2018, at the Honorable Cámara de Diputados de la Nación -the low chamber of the Argentine Congreso Nacional-, within the framework of the Parliamentary Speaker’s Summit and Forum at the G20, the conference “Towards the Creation of a Latin American and Caribbean Criminal Court Against Transnational Organized Crime” took place. This event brought together various parliamentarians and ambassadors from the region, as well as important Argentine officials, including the Vice President of Argentina, Gabriela Michetti; the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Germán Garavano; the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jorge Faurie; and the Secretary of Public Ethics, Transparency and Fight against Corruption, Laura Alonso.
New Tendencies in the Global Financial System

A profound difference characterises this new phase of world finance: for the first time, financial flows tend to concentrate in new areas, especially in Asia, and for the most part they no longer flow into historic financial centres like London. 


European Lawmakers Call for a UN Parliamentary Assembly and a 2020 UN Reform Summit

In a resolution adopted on 5 July 2018, the European Parliament called on the EU's governments to advocate "the establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly" (UNPA) and to support a "UN 2020 summit" that will consider "comprehensive reform measures for a renewal and strengthening of the United Nations."


Eurolat Endorses Copla Initiative

On July 16/17, 2018, the Co-Presidents of the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly (EuroLat), the President of the Latin American Parliament Elias Castillo and the Member of the European Parliament Ramón Jáuregui Atondo, in accordance with Article 17 of the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly have stated:

The value and functions of parliaments in regional organisations

Executive Training Seminar

European University Institute, Fiesole, 16 – 18 November 2016

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