Coalition for the International Criminal Court

In 1995, a group of 25 human rights organizations began campaigning for a permanent international criminal court to hold individuals to account for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.

The Coalition for the ICC led the civil society effort that successfully campaigned for the adoption of the Rome Statute in 1998, which resulted in the establishment of the ICC four years later.

During those early years, the coalition ensured that states negotiated:

A strong treaty with provisions for a Court independent from the United Nations;

Independent judges and an independent prosecutor;

No immunity for presidents, generals or other government officials;

Strong defense and fair trial rights;

Victims to be able to participate in courtroom proceedings and receive reparations.

Convinced over 120 states to accept ICC jurisdiction in an unprecedented timeframe, and worked with over 70 governments to adopt national laws to prosecute ICC crimes;

Helped the Court develop as an institution, providing expert advice on its policies, rules and strategies to increase its effectiveness and impact;

Increased support and cooperation of governments and international organizations with the Court;

Raised awareness of the ICC system the world over, worked with the media to raise the standard of reporting on the ICC;

Firmly put accountability on the international agenda by mainstraming justice in capitals around the world and at the United Nations;

Increased the capacity of global civil society to follow ICC proceedings and undertake their own advocacy;

Monitored the Court’s trials to ensure their fairness, effectiveness and independence;

Fought of political attacks on the Court intended to kill the Rome Statute;

Increased victim’s ability to access justice;

Advocated for governments to give the ICC the budget it needs to fight impunity wherever the need arises;

The coalition has even been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times.

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