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  1. Argentina secured their place in the final with a 2-0 victory over Canada on Tuesday, thanks to goals from Julián Álvarez and Messi. The Albiceleste have now won 10 consecutive matches and are aiming for a record 16th Copa America title
  2. In recent weeks, 400 Kenyan police officers have arrived in Haiti to lead a UN-backed multinational force. These officers aim to collaborate closely with Haitian authorities, as well as local and international partners, to support Haiti's reconstruction efforts.
  3. The state government attributed the collapse to the school's weak structure and its precarious location near a riverbank. In response, authorities urged other schools with similar structural issues to close down to prevent further tragedies.
  4. Kenya’s police chief Japhet Koome has resigned on the same day five bodies wrapped in sacks were found in a quarry near an informal settlement and after weeks of deadly protests in which more than 30 people were killed.
  5. Rwandan president Paul Kagame was met by crowds of admiring supporters at a rally on Friday in Gasabo, some twelve kilometers away from Kigali city center, as he campaigned to win a fourth term as president.

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