ICC's investigation into war crimes in Ukraine

ICC's investigation into war crimes in Ukraine

Yasmina Gourchane

2022 has proven to be a busy year in the field of international justice, and by extension, for the Coalition for the ICC. 

We have followed closely developments related to the expanding conflict in Ukraine, and have continued our support of our Coalition member organizations in Ukraine to ensure their voices are heard in discussions about accountability, and to link the expertise of member organizations across our broad network in solidarity. Among the chorus of efforts towards accountability in Ukraine is the International Criminal Court (ICC) investigation, which was supported by a referral to the Court by more than 40 governments.  

While the broad support for accountability and justice in Ukraine has been welcomed, it has also raised questions about perceptions of the Court’s selectivity. Ukraine is but one of 17 ongoing situations before the Court, with important recent developments in the Georgia situation and the start of the first Darfur trial, for example. 

Against this backdrop, the Coalition issued a statement on the resources available to the ICC, warning against double-standards and calling on states parties to the Court to ensure it has the sufficient funding available through its regular budget to address all situations before it.. The Coalition has for many years now called attention to the growing gap between the court’s increasing workload, and the resources available to it, which has impacted the overall effectiveness of the institution. 

Other priorities for the Coalition in 2022 are related to ICC elections and on the broad review process underway to strengthen the Court and the Rome Statute system.

On these two specific topics, we convene interested Coalition members in issue teams, providing a space for NGOs to share information, collaborate and coordinate. Where there are common views, the Teams may adopt and promote common advocacy positions.

In the months ahead, we will continue to support our global membership in the fight against impunity, ensuring that civil society has a voice as a key stakeholder in the Rome Statute system, among the Court and its Assembly of States Parties.

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